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PET laminated glass

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PET laminated glass 

PET laminated glass can be used in applications requiring advanced penetration resistance, such as hurricane impact-resistant windows and doors. SGP has high strength and shear modulus, and mechanical properties. The bearing capacity of PET laminated glass is 2 times the carrying capacity of PVB with equal thickness. Meanwhile, under the condition of equal load and equal thickness, the flexural deflection of SGP laminated glass is only 1 / 4 of PVB sandwich glass.

The tear strength of PET laminated film is 5 times of PVB, even in the case of broken glass, PET film can also bond broken glass to form a temporary structure after the destruction, the bending deformation small, can bear a certain amount of load without the whole piece fall.

The PET film has good edge stability and is not sensitive to water. PET laminated film is colorless and transparent, and good weather resistance, not easy to turn yellow. The yellowing coefficient of PET film is less than 1.5, while the yellowing coefficient of PVB film is 6~12, so the ultra-white interlayer is more PET.

PET production process is close to PVB, and the equipment can be used to produce PVB equipment. The higher price is the reason for the slower acceptance of the PET market.

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